Sunday, May 18, 2014

Let's try this blog thing again...

After over a year, I have decided to try this blog thing again.  If I am ever going to quite my "day job" and work from home, I probably need to learn all there is to know about writing and actually DOING a blog.

I have decided to start with a Sew Along.  I see these fun group activities all over the inter-webs but convince myself that I do not have the time to actually participate.  Instead of listing out excuses, I am going to jump right in a do it. It might not be perfect, it might not be pretty, it might not be on time (I am really bad about procrastinating) BUT it will be done!  I am looking for completion here, not perfection. That my friends is a whole other blog post.

I worked on making a Sew Along Badge (over there to the right) and am pretty proud of myself thus far. According to the timeline... I am doing alright!  Tonight I will print off my pattern and make my neckline adjustments.

Friday, May 16th: Fabric Suggestions - Chambray & Lace or Chiffon & Organza? I think I will make both!
Saturday, May 17th: Choosing Your Size, and FBA Tutorial - As usual, the smallest size possible and definitely no full bust here!  I will say that I am excited since these patterns are made for "pear-shaped" ladies :)
Sunday, May 18th: FAQ, and How To Narrow the Neckline - I will make the neckline more narrow... I have small shoulders to begin with.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and New Beginnings.

So it's 2012 and I have decided to start a blog, make something weekly, follow a Paleo lifestyle and explore the new city I call home!